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It is no joke that Nicki Minaj is a talented. Lil Wayne discovered her music skills; butt we canít help notice that she has some serious junk in the trunk! Minaj is the hottest ticket in music right now; she is featured on almost every popular track. Pairing with famous artists like: Usher, Kanye, and Trey Songz. Minaj has a unique sound thanks to the alter egos she has created for herself over time. It is no joke! Minajís real name is Onika Tanya Maraj, and she admits to creating characters she lives through in her music. Characters like: Cookie, Roman, and Nicki Minaj (this fantasy character that actually became her reality- her name as a recording artist).

Well, Nicki Minaj has another alter ego she doesnít even need to mention because the fans know all about it-and that is her booty! Minajís booty is larger than life! The public constantly asks the question: Is that booty for real??? Her booty has a life of itís own! We have had a glimpse of Minajís alter ego in her song ďRomanís RevengeĒ but we would like to see revenge in the booty department.

Minaj's booty could put Kim Kardashianís ass to shame. Fans of the lower half know that Kim made her name as a world famous sex tape queen, but who knew that Nicki Minaj had a sextape as well!?! There have been rumors of topless photos, and better yet pictures of that booty ready for the taking! We will keep our fingers crossed hoping to see a new saga unfold in the bottom half!